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Testimonials tell the story...

"As a professional pilot, I regularly fly over dozens of lakes throughout the Tennessee Valley and surrounding states. The Douglas lake and its, 'Historic Spring' are easily one of the clearest and most unspoiled bodies of water in the entire area. Thought this might be of interest to you since this 'Historic Spring' is where Qu'Bee water is manufactured."

What is pH?

pH ("potential hydrogen") is the graduated scale that measures the acid or alkaline properties in the water traveling through our bodies.

The Ph scale is ranked from 1 to 14: 1.0 to 6.9 being acidic, 7.0 being neutral, and 7.1 to 14 being alkaline. Therefore, the lower the number the greater the acidity and the higher the number, the greater the alkalinity.

Questions most frequently asked about pH

Should I be concerned about my pH levels?
Is an imbalanced body pH dangerous and can it cause serious problems?
What causes pH to become imbalanced?
How do I re balance my pH?
How can I find out my pH level?

Change your water ...Change your body!

Alkaline water is scientifically enhanced to energize the body, similar to a sports drink. However, sports drinks contain sugar and chemicals. Alkaline water provides more oxygen to cells, which vitalizes your body. This helps your body heal faster and stay healthy. In fact, electrolyzed water aids the body in electrical and thermal conductivity. This means it is easier for your body and brain to communicate and repair the body naturally.

Ionized alkaline water is grouped together in smaller clusters of 5-6 water molecules instead of the 10-13 found in tap water. This makes it 'micro-clustered', meaning it will be more quickly and easily absorbed and will hydrate the tissues more effectively. The smaller water clusters aid in the enzymatic breakdown of food and make it easier for the body to digest food and absorb the nutrients. This water will help your body absorb 30% more nutrients than tap water.

Other Benefits of Alkaline Water...

Alkaline water will help children, pets, and will make house plants healthier. Cooking with Alkaline water will make dramatic difference in your drinks and meals. For example:

  • With Coffee, tea (including green), and hot chocolate you will be surprised at the improved taste, color, and aroma
  • When eating strong acidic foods such as meat, egg yolks, and fruit, drinking alkaline water will help your body balance the acidic effects of those foods.
  • Washing your vegetables and fruits with alkaline water will eliminate germs and toxins better.
  • Using alkaline water to make soups, beans, and stews will enhance their flavor and make them tender and juicy.